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Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Kensho Ono
English voice actor Aaron Dismuke
Tia Ballard (Child)
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Species Human
World Endra (Birthplace)

The Surface

Chronological and Political information
Occupation Middle Schooler
Personal Information
Family Asanaga (Foster Father)
King Delzaine (Father)

Emilio Ranguhaimu (Cousin)

Shun Asanaga (浅永 瞬 Asanaga Shun?) is an ordinary yet positive and bright 15-year-old middle school boy who lived in the "Land Above" — lands in this place. He had discovered a mysterious crystal at his scientific businessman father's company, and the moment he touched the crystal, he was transported to Endra.


Shun is seen wearing his "Surface" clothes throughout the series. Which consist of a red hoodie and blue jeans. Shun has a lean figure with chocolate brown, spiky hair and deep blue eyes. While the Ignauts were crossing over snowy mountains, Shun wore a forest green coat over his normal clothes to keep warm in the cold weather.


Shun in Warp Relic

"Katakaragu (Kahogu)" is cool sword of the hero of the shallow Asanaga-kun! It is quite likely strong! Be on the look out for Shun and his weapon when Endride airs!


Early Life[]

Shun was born in Endora. He was the son of Delzaine. Eventually, he was kidnaped by Asanaga and raised on the surface.


A 15-year old boy from the surface who was transported to Endora after touching the mysterious crystal he found in his father's company. His Warp Relic is a sword. Despite his inexperience, he is surprisingly skilled with his Warp Relic, as he managed to master its usage in such a short amount of time, which prompts Emilio to use him to complete his revenge. He and Emilio are often at odds, despite that he shows concern for him. Because he is from the surface he shouldn't be able to use a Warp Relic, so everyone was surprised that he even has one. It is possible that Shun's father may be aware of Endora's existence, in the first episode his outline and Delzaine's are seen together in front of the Adamas, while professor Asanaga was holding the crystal that pulled Shun to Endora. He is the first character in the series whose Warp Relic evolved.


Shun goes to his father's office to drag him to his own birthday party which he didn't show up to. He sees a stone which happens to be device called a Parinblue (possibly made by aliens) that is used to teleport between the surface and the underground world called Endra. His strong curiosity causes the device to activate (activates via strong emotions) and ends up being taken to a brand knew world.

When he arrives he meets the prince who just tried to murder the king because the king(the prince's uncle) heard a rumor that he killed the previous king who was his father. They join some forces and make some friends trying to reach this place called Babel which says that it once was able to to teleport people from the surface and back.

At Babel the king tries to get to the surface to see his son that was stolen from him only to find that his son is already there. They then discover that Babel doesn't work and the king is killed. Emilio the prince isn't to happy anymore and so they go back to the castle. Emilio tries to help Shun by bringing him back to the castle dungeon that he first appeared in. They then meet a guy that tells about Shun's adopted father coming to Endra. When the guy gets angry and tries to kill Shun, they teleport back to the surface.

On the surface they find out that Shun's adoped father killed Emilio's father and that Shun's real father is Delzaine which is now dead. Shun gets mad at his father but his adopted father says he still loves him. They argue and then teleport back to Endra which is dying because Shen's adopted father is taking all the warp particles.

Shun then decides to go against his father Asanaga and his father almost kills Shun before realizing that Shun is his son and he may not want to kill his son after all. Emilio take advantage of this and kills Asanaga. This causes the Tir Na Nog to collapse.

Shun then decides not to stay because of his mother and when he returns to the surface the Parinblue inside of him decides to brake.


Shun Asanaga wakes up in the morning, bright sunlight shines upon his face through the closed curtains. After sitting up from his bed, Shun stares at the sunlight that had seeped through his window, tiredly.

Latter, on his way to school, Shun stops by a mineral shop. As Shun is admiring crystals at the local mineral store, the owner comments on Shun's obsession with the stones, to which Shun inquires if the ones in the owner's hand are new. The owner confirms this, telling to Shun the names of the just arrived stones. As Shun is eager to touch them, the owner hands him one. Shun starts to admire the crystal against sunlight when a loud bell rings in the distance, signaling that Shun is going to be late for school. He promises to come by again after school to buy the one he had been admiring.

While running to school, Shun thinks back on when was the first time that he showed interest in crystals, thinking that he was probably too young to remember when he gained interest in them. But still he is able to remember the first crystal he ever saw. Shun used to think that there were small worlds inside crystals, trapped there, and if he would stare long enough into one he would be sucked into it. Now he almost wishes that that was the case.

Later that day, Shun is talking with his mother about the crystal he saw, noting it was like there was a whole new world inside of it. Shun's mother guesses easily that the crystal her son had been admiring was a garden quartz. Shun, revealing that his mother used to be former archaeologist, is slightly surprised that she knew about it. Shun inquires

Shun and his mother eating dinner.

from his mother if she has thought about getting back to research, that she wouldn't need to worry about him. Assuring to her that he can take care of himself now, Shun's mother thanks him and decides maybe in a year or two she might get back. The two talk about Shun's father, that he is working so hard that he might forget his own birthday this year. Shun assures to his mother that he has been constantly texting and reminding him of it, and if he still forgot, he would sneak into his office and dragg him home. His mother then calls him brave and smiles kindly at him.

The next few days Shun studies, plays basketball with his friends, looks at different crystals and visits the crystal shop. Texting to his father about his big birthday party at seven, telling to him that he better come and not later say that he forgot all about it.

Trivia and Fun Facts[]

  • Shun calls his father the "Last Boss" at the very end.


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