Character Information
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Scientist, Royal Researcher (former)
Origin Land Below (Endora)
Japanese voice actor Yuu Mizushima
English voice actor Mark Stoddard


Pascal (パスカル Pasukaru) An eccentric scientist who used to be a Royal Researcher, until he questioned Delzaine's plans for reconstructing Babel. In order to slow down its reconstruction, Pascal tampered with Babel's plans, so it could not be finished without him.


He was Emilio's tutor as a child, until he was banished from the castle by Delzaine.


He doesn't have a Warp Relic.


Despite being a scientist, Pascal isn't afraid of taking risks and relying on his strong intuition. He believes that Endora and the surface should remain separate from each other, therefore he plans of destroying Babel once they send Shun back to the surface.