Makiko Asanaga is Shun's mother. She, like her son, loves rocks. Her and her husband, Asanaga, both know about Endra.

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Shun Asanaga is talking with his mother about the crystal he saw, noting it was like there was a whole new world inside of it. Shun's mother guesses easily that the crystal her son had been admiring was a garden quartz. Shun, revealing that his mother used to be a former archaeologist, is slightly surprised that she knew about it. Shun inquires from his mother if she has
Shun and his mother

Makiko eating dinner with Shun.

thought about getting back to research, that she wouldn't need to worry about him. Assuring to her that he can take care of himself now, Shun's mother thanks him and decides maybe in a year or two she might get back. Shun tells his mother that the moai statues on Easter Island actually have bodies under them. The two talk about Shun's father, that he is working so hard that he might forget his own birthday this year. Shun assures to his mother that he has been constantly texting and reminding him of it, and if he still forgot, he would sneak into his office and drag him home. His mother then calls him brave and smiles kindly at him.

The next few days Shun studies, plays basketball with his friends, looks at different crystals and visits the crystal shop. Texting to his father about his big birthday party at seven, telling to him that he better come and not later say that he forgot all about it.


Makiko has brown hair that is tied up in a pony-tail and light purple eyes.

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Makiko is very kind and passive.