Endride Wikia
Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Shizuka Itou
English voice actor Janelle Lutz
Biographical Information
Born October 8th
Gender Female
Species Human/ Zoozian
World Land Below
Chronological and Political information
Affiliation(s) Ignaz
Truculent (former)
Occupation Member of "Ignaz"
Member of Truculent (former)
Personal Information

Louise (ルイーズ Ruīzu?), a member of Ignaz.


She's a strong fighter who wields a giant sword (her warp relic).Louise is half human/zoozian however you can't really tell because she looks more human as in shun thinking she was human until Louise told him. Her boobs are nice. Her mother was a seemtress and a human, her father was a zoozian and skilled in medince however was shunned by the erdians and forced into labor even her mother even though she was human only because she married a zoozian. Louise also had life more easier than most zoozians because of how she looks 95 percent human and you can barely tell she is a zoozian.


Louise has darkish brown hair in a side ponytail with a braid she also has light greenish eyes and D cup breasts she is skinny, wears a short black fur coat up to her waist with her boobs almost fully exposed only covered by the purple sides and brown stripes in her outfit. She also wears black long boots with gold like v on the top of her boots and on some parts of her outfit, she also wear black gloves with white fur and one arm with a white thing on her arm lol.She also has blue, purple, and black tail which she has two which are spread like a upisde down V.She also has a a red amulet on her neck.



  • His favorite food is .
  • His most disliked food is sweets.
  • Louise was designed by Kazushi Hagiwara (author of Bastard!!).