Endride Wikia
Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Akio Ōtsuka
English voice actor Phil Parsons
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Species Human
World Endra
Chronological and Political information
Position King of Endra
Occupation King of Endra
Personal Information
Enemies Emilio Ranguhaimu
Family Emilio Ranguhaimu (Nephew)

Shun Asanaga (Son)

King Delzaine is the new king of Endra after his brother had died.


Early Life[]

Delzaine worked alongside of his brother often. One day, a man from the surface named Asanaga appeared and started to influence his brother. Like very few, Delzaine did not trust him completely. At some point, he had a son named Shun, who Asanaga eventually took away from him.


In a dark room with a large green crystal faintly lighting it, Asanaga is sharing words with Delzaine. Once Delzaine finishes his sentence, Asanaga looks at the warp relic in his hand and turns to leave. As he disappears, Delzaine reaches his hand out to him in vain.