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Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Ayaka Ohashi
English voice actor Felecia Angelle
Biographical Information
Gender N/A
Species Dragon
World Land Below
Chronological and Political information
Personal Information

Falarion (ファラリオン, Fararion), a mysterious life form that appears to be a dragon and (might be) Alicia's pet. It can understand human speech. It is later revealed that Falarion is the result of Alica's father fussing with his warp relic.


Falarion is a small, flying creature with light green skin and peach colored stomach. It has yellow horns and chubby cheeks. And long, bunny like ears, with purple in the center.

Falarion is able to grow into a larger version of itself. Remaining prerry much same looking though.



  • Falarion was designed by Kazushi Hagiwara (author of Bastard!!).