Emilio Langheim (エミリオ・ラングハイム, Emirio Ranguhaimu), who strongly despises the current King Deruzain (who in the anime is his adoptive father) and had just turned 16 at Endra's castle. He became of age to ascend to the throne, and he wields a weapon to seek his vengeance at last against the man who killed his father for the throne, but the difference in strength proves to be insurmountable. Captured and imprisoned by Deruzain, Emirio is heartbroken. But then, the walls of the prison suddenly become distorted, and Shun appears within them.Emilio usted to look up to his foster father Deruzain and idoliz him until he overheard the maids saying poor boy he looks up to the man who killed his father and doesn't know ,his personality changed after that and Emiliojust seeked for revenge.


His stomach looks cold.

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Emilio is first seen In Endra, Emilio is standing on some sort of ledge, staring up at the Endran sun.


Shun Asanaga:

Emilio at first sees Shun as just a good opportunity or pawn to use for his revenge but as the time goes on Emilio warms up to the surface dweller, and even sees him as one of his best friends. Even if they are usually fighting with each other.


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Katakaragu (Kahogu)

"Katakaragu (Kahogu),"another one of the weapons and Emilio is here! As if representing a cool Emilio, it is a spear with extreme sharpness and attack damage. Look out for Emilio's weapon when Endride airs!



  • Emilio was designed by Kazushi Hagiwara (author of Bastard!!).