Endride Wikia
Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Hiroki Takahashi
English voice actor Robert McCollum
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Species Human
World Land Below
Chronological and Political information
Occupation Leader of "Iganz"
Personal Information

Demetrio (デメトリオ Demetorio?) is leader of the rebel group Ignauts "Ignaz." He draws many people to his cause with his intelligence and strength in battle. As a revolutionary, he has a hostile relationship with Prince Emilio at first but after the prince requests his help, he happily obliges with one condition.


Demetrio is tall, slightly muscular man, with shoulder length blond hair and reddish brown eyes. He wears a black hat with red rimming and with a green feather. He has a purple jacket with brown collar and black sleeves. Beneath it is a purple shirt and a vest with corset front. On his left forearm he has a red scarf tied around it. Demetrio wears loose, light green pants with darker green stripes on them and on his waist a brown leather pouch attached to a white belt. On his feet he has brown leather shoes, with pointy tips.

When the Ignauts were crossing over snowy mountains, Demetrio was wearing a forest green coat to keep himself warm in the cold weather like everyone else.


He can not summon a warp relic but he compensates this with his mastery of his twin blades that double as a whip. Demetrio is skilled enough to go on par with Warp Relic users.


Demetrio used to have a zoozian friend named Lucio when he was a young. However a noble killed Lucio, making Demetrio yearn for vengeance against the noble. Though through time and effort, Demetrio realized the err in his ways, and decided to seek revenge against the rotten country that had allowed it to happen. As him killing the noble would only result in one of the noble's relatives to seek vengeance against him and create a cycle of hatred.



  • Demetrio was designed by Nobuhiro Watsuki (author of Rurouni Kenshin).