Asanaga was a man who found his way to Endora. After he made it there, he deceived the king and gained everyone's trust. Eventually, he kidnapped Shun from his father, Delzaine, and pretended to be his father. After many years, he found himself attached to Shun and refused to kill him, allowing Emilio to kill him instead.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

After finding a way into Endora, Asanaga got onto everyone's good side. He would share his knowledge with the king, eventually winning over his trust. After his son died, he promised Delzaine that he would take Shun to the surface to heal him. However, he and his wife both became attached to Shun and refused to return him to Endra.

Plot Edit

Asanaga is first seen standing with a shaded figure, talking with him. After exchanging a few words, he picks up a greenish, blue warp relic in which he eventually puts in his office.