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Alicia Official Full Body.jpg
Technical Information
Japanese voice actor Karen Miyama
English voice actor Sarah Wiedenheft
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Species Human
World Land Above
Chronological and Political information
Occupation Emilio's Childhood Friend
Personal Information
Family Shoko Sashinami (Godson)

Alicia (アリシア Arishia?) is Emilio's childhood friend who is often with Falarion in the castle town. She will often seek into the castle and the maids will often chase her Emilio hid her so she wouldn't get caught. She gets dragged into Shun and Emilio's adventure, though her cheerfulness gets her through it.Alicia got mad when she found out that Shun and Emilio left her and went on a journey. also was usally between Shun and Emilio fights, and would often get ignored by them which makes her angry. She is was also worried about Emilio hunger for revenge for his father.


Alicia/Image Gallery

Alicia relic is her dragon which can turn huge but stays small and is usally on her shoulder. Alicia has light blue eyes and ginger/orange short hair. Alicia usually cooks pork stew and frogs on sticks which people considered delicious however, shun does not like her cooking she thinks Shun likes her cooking because when Shun was crying because the food was bad she thought he liked it so much he tears.



  • Her favorite food is sweets.
  • Her most disliked food is green paper.
  • Alicia was designed by Kazushi Hagiwara (author of Bastard!!).